About Us

At  Funscapes we pride ourselves on providing you with the newest, most innovative rental equipment. We have created this Online showroom and dependable delivery service to make your next event as easy and worry free as possible.  

At  Funscapes we are constantly upgrading our products every season. All of our rentals are clean and disinfected.  Our tables and chairs are light weight and are never missing those rubber bottoms that often scratch your beautiful hardwood floors !  Our tents are snow white and never stained. 

The greatest compliment we hear is   "Oh my" " Is this brand new"?  Ask us about our famous, great tasting popcorn.  

Rental Procedures: All rentals are done on a first come, first serve basis. A contract will be mailed to you after making the  reservations. When we receive your contract along with a deposit,  your reservation is secure. The deposit is applied to your balance due. Payments can be made in cash, or personal check.  The balance due must be paid upon arrival before set-up. NOTE:   Funscapes reserves the right to cancel the day of your event if rain or high winds occur. For your safety, the unit can not be used in hazardous conditions and the renter will receive a full credit. Pets are not allowed near or inside the inflatable. 

    Set-up: We deliver and set-up your Moonwalk/Slide/Dunk Tank for you.  Operational instructions will be explained to you, a typical setup takes 15-20 minutes.  We leave the unit there for you to monitor and come back at the end of your event to pick it up.  It will always be clean and disinfected.  Remember adult supervision is required when ever the inflatable is occupied.


Site Requirements:

  • A minimum of 17ft by 17ft. Tree branches or wires should not drop below 19ft from ground level.

  • Area must be fairly level. The best area to set-up on is grass, although we can set-up on concrete or other hard surface.

  • Site must be clear of stones, sticks, and other objects. No animal waste; if waste has been recently removed, you will need to cover the areas with towels or drop cloths so that no residue will adhere to our equipment.

  • A clear access to the site is required. Gates & pathways must be a minimum of 36 inches wide

  • Inflation is powered by an electric blower which requires a standard 120 volt electical outlet. The blower remains plugged in during the entire party.


Number of Jumpers:


  • Up to 5 years of age: (8-9 children at one time)

  • 6 yrs. - 9 yrs. old: (8-9 children at one time)

  • 10 yrs. - 14 yrs. old: (5-6 children at one time)

  • 15 yrs. and older: (4 people at one time)

    Insurance Requirements: A Homeowner's, Renter's, or Business General Liability insurance policy is required (if you have a mortgage you have Homeowner's Insurance). Our insurance policy is for general liability. Our policy covers mishaps due to our negligence; it does not cover mishaps due to yours. In the case of an accident or emergency the renter should contact a local medical provider then call  Funscapes immediately at (203) 888-2910

Moonwalk/Slide Safety Rules:


  1. No flips.

  2. No shoes, food or drinks.

  3. No face paints

  4. No sharp objects (pins, belt buckles, jewelry,etc.)

  5. Do not climb the walls of the unit.

  6. Do not bounce near doorway.

  7. Do not inflate in high winds or rain.

  8. Do not allow children or adults to put fingers/hands near fan or motor when unit is running.

  9. It is recommended that pregnant women, people with heart conditions and those on medication, or with physical ailments, including wearing casts, and those individuals under the influence of alcohol or drugs, not use the Moonwalk or Wet/Dry Slide.